Dewa Fund


The Dewa Fund is a newly organized Fund of the Shang Shung Institute School of Tibetan Medicine. The Tibetan word Dewa means Happiness, Bliss or Comfort, and the name of the Fund reflects the function of Tibetan Medicine, to help people enjoy longer and healthier lives so that they can benefit their families, communities, and the larger world.

As we look to the future we ask for your help to ensure that the rich cultural heritage of providing Dewa through Tibetan Medicine is protected and continues to flourish. Through the Dewa Fund, you can support the continuing instruction of Tibetan Medicine, the development of the professional field, and the strategic growth of the School. We are asking all who value this ancient treasure to please join us and contribute to support Tibetan Medicine. Give the gift of long life and safeguard Tibetan Medicine by donating to the Dewa Fund.