The Shang Shung Institute


5The Mission of the Shang Shung Institute is to deepen the knowledge and the understanding of the Tibetan cultural traditions in its religious, historical, philosophical, artistic, medical, and social aspects in order to contribute to the survival and preservation of this culture. Its purpose is to encourage cooperation among interested groups and individuals, thus keeping alive the essential values of these traditions.

4fe075bbd7d4e39_q_cnn_teneriifeThe International Shang Shung Institute
The International Shang Shung Institute was founded in Italy in 1989 by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, and inaugurated in 1990 by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. The International Institute currently has three main branches, located in Italy, Austria, and the USA, which work together as one to promote all initiatives to this end.




The Shang Shung Institute of America and the School of Tibetan Medicine

4The Shang Shung Institute of America was founded in 1994, and it is located in Conway, Massachusetts.
It’s achievements include: an extensive library of educational resources on Tibetan culture, an onsite and online bookstore full of materials on Tibetan culture and the Dzogchen Teachings of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, and many public programs and courses on Tibetan Culture & Art.

DSC_1207The most extensive project of  the American branch to date is a Tibetan medical school that is the first in the West to offer a four-year curriculum equivalent to traditional Tibetan medical schools in Tibet and India.

The Shang Shung Institute in America is a non-profit and tax exempt 501 (c) organization incorporated in the State of Massachusetts. The Institute receives funding from private donations, corporate matching grants, and grants.